Assignment 7
  • What impact do you expect to see as a result of using this technology in the classroom?
The impact that I expect is an increased use of technology, not only by me, but by my students. Because of the iPad I expect to be getting a projector or a smartboard in a very near future. I use the iPad now to show in more detail about the subjects that I teach. It begins with the iPad, but makes me think about other ways that I can find and use information via technology of all sorts.

  • How do you plan to continue to use your iPad in your personal life?
After having an iPod that was filled with games, I really have used the iPad as a productivity tool instead. I am really motivated to use it in the classroom and I want to see what it is capable of. This is why I have installed Control4 which is home automation. To me the iPad is much less a toy than the iPod was to me and much more of a tool to be used for producitivity, to make my life easier, or to save on paper. I love learning ways to use this as if it is a laptop with the ultimate goal of eliminating the laptop altogether.

  • ...professional life?
I use the iPad everyday in my professional life as an online gradebook, first and foremost. I also use the music on it for motivation in phy ed class. I use the apps in physical education and health that are related to scorekeeping, tournaments, or content specific quizzes. If there is anything that I might want to do I always wonder now if there is an app for that, and most often there is.

  • What have you learned from others' sharing that you would like to try or explore more of?
I learned a few things that I'd like to use. The app Puppet Pals can be used by my students as a way to create a skit in health class. The app Phoster I'd love to use to have my students create posters about the dangers of smoking instead of doing it with paper and markers like I do now. I have never taken a class that I got so much out of it as this one. The iPad is an amazing tool and I love integrating it into my curriculum as much as possible. I just wish that all of my students had one. It would open up so many possibilities.