Assignment #3 Present an Application

Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student
Pad Application Lesson Plan Format

Title of Lesson: Checking for Understanding with Socrative

Instructor(s): Mr. Erickson

Time Allocated: various over many classes

Grade Level / Subject Area: Middle School Health

Learning Objectives / Goals:

A. Student Feedback (Student response system)
B. Review game (Space Race)
C. Take final test (Automatically graded)

iPad Application(s) Used: Socrative Student, Socrative Teacher

Learning Activities (Indicate where / when iPad is used):

A. During various parts of the unit check for understanding. With Socrative Teacher I will pose a question. Students will respond either anonymously or not.
B. At the end of the unit (or beginning) play space race. Students will answer questions in groups of 2. The students who answer the most questions right in the time allotted, wins.
C. The test is given using Socrative Student. Each student will have their own iPad. The test will begin when I send it out using Socrative Teacher. While the test is in session, the results will appear, real time on my iPad. At the end of the test I will choose to receive an Excel spreadsheet of the results including all answers and final score with percentage.

The student response system works flawlessly. It allow me to check for understanding. I can also use it to receive honest feedback regarding class opinion perhaps for a possible vote without the peer pressure to vote a certain way. Taking a test using Socrative is very good. A few downfalls are that the students cannot skip a question and go back and if the students accidentally press the wrong answer, it is locked in. Getting immediate results that are automatically graded is a huge time saver. It also gives detailed feedback on which questions my have to be tweaked or covered better because the spreadsheet states which questions were answered incorrectly and what answer was chosen instead.