Assignment #2 Applications
5 Personal Apps


I had asked the question of how do we print? There are several print apps of various ratings, but none of the them seem to be rated high or work for everyone. I tried ActivePrint because it had a free version so that I could test it to see if it would work. The demo allowed me to print text and that was it, but it worked. When you start the app it asks you if you would like it to send you an email to set it up on your computer because it doesn't go directly to your printer, it goes through your computer first. I wasn't thrilled with this, but I have to say it works great. I set it up at home and school and was very easy to set up. Install it and you are done. So I tried the full version for $3.99. I can now print documents, pictures and webpages from the built in web browser. You can print the screen you see or the entire URL. Best of all, if I take a picture of an app by pressing the 2 buttons, I can print pictures from my apps.

Master Piano


My wife is a piano player so she talked me into purchasing the full Master Piano app for $9.99. The picture above represents the ability for my 2 year old daughter to press the blue keys and play Bach, Beethoven, and the rest of the 250 songs. For now, she's only interested in Mary Had a Little Lamb... that one was available for free in the demo version...



This is the app that makes you say, "you cannot be serious." Yes your iPad can turn on your lights, turn on your air conditioner, and even control your TV. Control4 is one of several apps to allow this to happen, but with local electricians licensed to set it up, Control4 is a very legitimate option. The setup is a bit pricey, but you wouldn't expect something this cool to be cheap would you? One more thing... you can control these things from anywhere in the world. Cost: depending on what you want it to do... hundreds to thousands, but the app is free.

Splashtop Remote

iTeleport and its $25 fee (with iPod option)... I got this app called Splashtop Remote for $0.99 and it does the same thing, works just as well and you can even get sound. There is a downside that it reduces the resolution of your screen, which may be a problem when trying to freak people out, but I'm guessing they do it so that it'll run without much lag. It also makes things bigger on the iPad, which I like. When I decided to get iTeleport I stayed up for over an hour trying to make it work when I should've been sleeping. After I downloaded Splashtop Remote it was working within minutes with absolutely no troubleshooting! In fact, I just typed this whole paragraph using Splashtop and sitting on my bed. iTeleport isn't a total loss. Splashtop can only be used when sharing the same wifi, it won't work from anywhere else, but for in the classroom, it would work great.


If you are familiar with the game Upwords, this is a similar version to that game. You can stack letters on top of letters, up to 3 high. You can play solo or with friends over the Internet and save games seemingly forever. This was free, but the letters "get dirty" after 25 plays and they make you buy cleaner for $0.99 to make them clean again if it bothers you. I'll probably get sick of this game before that happens.

10 Educational Apps: These are apps that I can or will use in my educational setting of Physical Education or Health.


This is my favorite CPR app in the entire library of CPR apps because it's the only free one. It has several short videos of how CPR is done on Adults, Children and Infants. It also shows how to care for choking victims of various ages. It's free, but I wish it did more like have quizzes or scenarios. It has potential that it's not living up to right now.


If you haven't figured it out, I am a Phy Ed teacher so weather is very important to me. This free app is called WeatherStation and comes in handy for a quick look at the temperature, wind conditions, and rain so I know if we can go outside or if I should bundle up or down.

Tournament App


In my interest of having to carry nothing outside besides my iPad I found this app called Tournament App. It's made for iPod, but woks fine for the iPad. I set up a tourney, the app gives me round by round match ups (round robin - or I could play elimination tourneys) and then on the "Points Table" it tells me the standings after I input the scores. The cost was $1.99. It does have it's glitches and limitations... "It would be nice if it..." but it works well for the basics.

Fast Food Calories Hunter

In health I have an activity where after we learn about calories, the students guess how many calories are in various foods. You'd be surprised by how far off they can be. In the past we used basic and generic foods, but doing it with food that they actually eat and especially fast food could be an eye opener. This app has information from calories to carbs on almost all fast and restaurant foods. 690 Calories for a Spaghetti and Meatballs??? So much for trying to be healthy. I should've just stuck with the hamburger. At least the App was free.

Simple Scoreboard

iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 3

This iPod app is a simple tool where you press the time to start and stop the clock and swipe up and down on the score to change it up or down. It's a great tool for keeping score of basketball games in phy ed class, however I've used it to score other games like Volleyball as well. I really only use it when there is one game going on for the entire class, but typically we are in 2 or 3 groups at the same time and they keep their own score. When we are inside, the gym is so small that we can only play 1 game at a time... sigh... $0.99.

Spin Decision


WHEEL OF FORTUNE! I play "Wheel" with the kids to review during one 8th grade unit. I was looking for spinner that I could use and this is the best that I found. It comes with several built in "decisions" that are all pretty lame, but the best part is that you can create your own. I made the "Wheel" app above and also have a "Wheel 2" for higher rounds. I place the iPad under an Elmo and project it on the wall for all to see and the kids love to come up and spin the wheel when it's their turn. I don't have much use for my Twister spinner now... $1.99.


The best part about Whiteboard, besides being Free, is that any other Whiteboards on the same WiFi can connect to each other. When my students all get iPads of their own we will connect them to collaborate on ideas, do math problems together, or to just color (to reduce stress). I opened a rubric file that I had in USB Disk, took a picture of it and then opened it in Whiteboard. I then could circle the grades on the rubric and save the document. If I wanted to, I could then take the saved document which is a picture and open it in ActivePrint and print it... although the only reason I can think of why I would do this is to save paper so if you are going to print it anyway, you might as well print it from the beginning and use a pen.

Anatomy Lite ------------------------------------ Bones Lite

Anything with Lite in the title you'd guess is free and these two amazing apps are no exception. They are iPod apps, but work great on iPad. The idea is that the students touch the screen of the body part labeled at the top. Bonus points are awarded for time and accuracy. This is a great review tool after studying the Musculoskeletal System. I can see placing this under an Elmo so everyone could follow along while the students try to reach the highest score.

3D Musculoskeletal Quiz


This app is also free, but instead of picking where on the body the part is located, it does the opposite. It gives you a body part and 4 choices and you have to pick the correct term. I can see using this in the same way as the app above.