Assignment #1 Websites and Articles

Article #1: "How will the iPad change education?"This article discusses that the iPad will become everyone's textbook and that textbook companies will no longer be printing books, but rather providing them digitally in a way where districts pay a subscription to own the rights to the book that can now be updated as the information changes. I would argue that for some classes, perhaps textbooks would no longer be necessary as we could use the Internet as our resource. What we need to teach kids is how to find information and be self-directed learners. What would be better, giving them one website that contains one textbook or giving them a list of what they need to know, the entire internet and telling them to go get it? How Will the iPad Change Education?..
Article #2: "Measuring the iPad's Potential for Education"This article gave me a different perspective on what textbooks could be like. I thought of them only as words. As the article stated, textbooks could contain "dynamic content with animation, movies, video, and other multimedia built into it" (Purdy, p. 2) Okay, if all of this is in one place and is delivered well, I could see myself appreciating what a textbook could bring. The article begs another question of whether or not an iPad is an affordable option for schools. It seems like this is still up for debate. In the long run, it could be a cost savings, but as schools face budget difficulties right now, it doesn't seem to be an option unless the administration is committed to making it happen.Measuring the iPad's Potential for Education.
Article #3: "Play First, Work Later"This article discusses the first experience that students have with the iPad should be fun. The author/teacher gave each student their iPad with apps already loaded on it and allowed them to experiment with it on their own. What he found was that students immediately went to places that they could get to on their computer such as You Tube. For me, when I got mine, I did this as well and I think it's because I had to believe it to see it and it also tests that the wifi connection is real. Shortly after that, many students were, on their own, looking up information that applied to what they were studying. Showing the students that something that will be used to make them more productive, self-directed learners, can also be fun, will make them more excited to learn.

Article #4: "10 Ways the iPad Will Forever Change Education"In a way, this isn't just one article, but rather 10. Every way that the author discusses how the iPad will change education, there is a link to another article to emphasize their point. What I've thought all along is the authors #1 way. It is that with iPads, books will become unnecessary. Our students will have up to date information at their fingertips and a lot of it. For teachers, the challenge will be finding the best sites and weeding out the others. This could be for optimum learning, however a part of me thinks that many students will learn a lot more if information isn't handed to them and they need to search for the most relevant content. I would like to allow students to use the internet when taking tests. How much really needs to be memorized these days when the information that they need can be searched for in seconds. The more important thing, I feel, is teaching students how to use these tools efficiently and effectively.

..Article #5: "Ipad Apps for Physical Education"I have found a lot of apps that I can use in my health classroom, but other than scoreboards and tournament apps, I haven't found a ton for Physical Education.... until now. This article has listed many many apps that can be used specifically for physical education. There is everything from exercise ideas to playbooks to whiteboards to describe activities. It would be nice if the apps were linked for easier access to more information on each app because they are not all clear based on name and the authors brief description.